Cerna Home Care Establishes The Cerna Foundation to Help Less Fortunate Seniors

Cerna Home Care is proud to announce the establishment of The Cerna Foundation (TCF). The Cerna Foundation is a not for profit organization created to give back to seniors who have given us so much.

At Cerna Home Care we say that elder care is a calling, not a job. Many families entrust their loved ones to Cerna for in home care. We could not be more devoted to providing the care and respect they deserve. Sadly, so many of our nation’s elders cannot afford the services Cerna provides – in many cases, they go without basic provisions, medical care and socialization. Helping these individuals is an absolute necessity, not a matter of charity.


Elder care is what we care about. Therefore, TCF intends to provide care services such as transportation, care, case management, cognitive care and more to deserving seniors on a consistent basis. Donations to The Cerna Foundation will primarily support the elderly, although the foundation plans to help younger people who have chosen a career in elder care.
Leading the Cerna Foundation are President Marc Friedman and Board Chair Person Nick Payzant. TCF has already been off to a great start with a ground swell of enthusiasm and donations from Cerna Home Care’s generous clients. Fundraisers are planned for January and March 2015.

The Cerna Foundation’s newly developed website provides information on volunteering, equipment donations, monetary donations, fundraising events and more.

Contact The Cerna Foundation:
p: 844-981-CARE

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