Skyler Esquivel

Skyler Esquivel Needs our Help! $4,230 of $50,000 raised Skyler Esquivel is a musician. Playing songs on his red guitar and changing the world through his music is what he loves. “The stage is where my heart belongs”, he says. Guitar in hand, Skyler would walk out on stage with his bandmates and strum out [...]

Help Nate Lewis

Nate's Tragic Story $7,760 of $50,000 raised The Cerna Foundation is committed to supporting patients with traumatic brain injury! The co-founders, Marc Friedman and Nick Payzant, are passionate about helping those with the greatest need, regardless of circumstances, get the opportunity to have everything available to them that will contribute toward patient healing and care [...]

Save Brett Boyer

Brett Boyer Needs our Help! Cerna Homecare is providing Care Management for another tragic case involving a young person. Brett Boyer is described as “adventurous and outgoing; a kindhearted, loving and considerate son, friend and husband to wife Amanda.” On January 28, 2020, Brett was critically injured in a motorcycle accident with an SUV. Brett [...]

Kyle Osborne

Kyle Osborne Needs our Help! Cerna Homecare’s Care Management team has taken on another complex and heartbreaking case. Kyle Osborne, a 19-year-old southern California resident and college student at Washington State University (WSU) was hit, then run over by a car on November 24, 2019. The accident happened when Kyle was home for Thanksgiving break. [...]

Help The Homeless

Homeless People Need our Help As a on-going project and fundraiser the Cerna Foundation volunteers with helping the homeless in Orange County and Los Angeles. Cerna Foundation co-founder Marc Friedman was quoted as saying our commitment to the aging homeless population is on going. It is a heart wrenching situation with no end in sight. [...]

General Donations

General Donations Thank you for considering the Cerna Foundation for your donations. Every penny of each donation made through this foundation will go to a family in need. Those who need care services but can not afford them. Everyone deserves the best care and it is our goal to provide it. With your contribution we [...]