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Hunter Cech with Parents

Sometimes it’s important that money is taken out of the equation when caring for people in need. Especially those in crisis. That is what the Cerna Foundation commits to do. Founded in 2013 by Marc Friedman and Nick Payzant, the Cerna Foundation helps to coordinate care, allowing family members to be the loving husband, wife, son, daughter, mother or father they need to be for their loved ones. The foundation helps to ensure all the steps are taken for the greatest recovery possible and strives to see patients and their families have the best quality of life. The right physicians, specialists, therapists, nutritionists, medical equipment, medical supplies and transportation are arranged and costs minimized or removed altogether!

Initially, the Cerna Foundation focused mostly on elderly patients with dementia, stroke and neuro impairment. Seven years later the foundation has helped a wide range of patients battling traumatic brain injury, stroke, Alzheimer’s, ALS, cancer and other neurological related diseases, impairments or injuries. Families have come to depend on the Cerna Foundation to help provide for essential needs to give their loved ones every opportunity to recover. More than twenty families have worked with the Cerna Foundation to help their loved ones. The co-founders are passionate about the foundation, proud and humbled to have been able to raise nearly half a million dollars to help others!

“It feels good to know that the money coming into the foundation is going straight to the families we are helping. We are doing what we set out to do, raise money and help people with it!” says Marc Friedman.

He continues, “I think of the foundation as the ‘Little Engine that Could’. Although we are small we are active and if we make a commitment to a family we do a whole heck of a lot through donors, industry partners lending a hand and volunteers to make good things happen for folks!”

Industry partners like Blaine Hunt of Access Medical provides equipment at cost. Also, some therapists are able to volunteer their time, making what the Cerna Foundation does possible. Individual donors, corporations, and fundraising events all contribute toward the success of the foundation and the number of patients it can support.

Currently, the foundation supports 1-2 families at a time. The co-founders would like to be able to double that number! The sad thing is, there are so many people in need, sometimes a case has to be turned down because the foundation doesn’t have enough money. If many donors are willing to give a small amount, it would make a positive impact on the Cerna Foundation and the families it serves. Even just $5.00! If enough people are able to give, the amount will soon be in the thousands! That could go a long way to help pay for a custom wheelchair for a 19 year old TBI patient or months of 24 hour care for an ALS patient. Both of whom deserve the greatest chance at the best outcome!

To donate to the Cerna Foundation and help those patients and their families with the greatest of needs…please see below! Thank you!

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