Thanks for Giving: Schwinn Scooter

The Cerna Foundation is so grateful for a recent equipment donation. A family who purchased a scooter for a loved one, who never got to use it, has generously donated it to the Cerna Foundation.

scooterThe Schwinn Transport Mobility Scooter functions beautifully. It is simple to transport and quickly disassembles into four separate, lightweight parts – fitting easily inside most car trunks. It’s a versatile indoor/outdoor scooter.

We gave it a test drive and Bernice had no trouble handling it. The Cerna Foundation is looking for senior in need, who does not have the resources to secure a scooter on their own. This wonderful donation will literally change someone’s life.

We will let you know when this special scooter finds a new home.

If you know of a senior in need, please contact The Cerna Foundation at 844-981-2273.



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