The Cerna Foundation Helps Maisie Romain

How does your foundation donations help our community? Here is an example of what The Cerna Foundation can do for those who need a little help.

Our foundation has been working with Maisie Romain for about a month. She was a oncology and cardiology patient at USC Keck hospital when a friend of hers referred her to us for patient advocacy and case management. Everyone involved felt someone objective needed to quarterback her care and advocate for her needs and recovery. She felt she was being treated as a disease and not as a person. She and her family said that immediately changed once we got involved And it has stayed that way every day since.

We got Maisie home this past Thursday and continue to stay involved in managing her care In her Facebook page with 15,000 followers and go fund me page. She wrote that without Marc Friedman and Cerna I may have never made it home.  My care completely changed dramatically for the better the moment Marc got involved.

We are forever grateful to The Cerna Foundation and their amazing work!

Marc Friedman
The Cerna Foundation
p: 844-981-CARE
e: info@thecernafoundation.

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