Tom Cottom Fundraiser

Tom Cottom

Our very good friend, Tom, has been the soul of The Tobacco Barn for the last 17 years, and prior an asset of High Times for several years. Impacting and brightening the days, and lives, of everyone Tom engages with, we all have personally been blessed with his genuine friendship as there is no other like it. Most importantly, Tom cherish’s each of you, just as we do him.

As many of you know, Tom is battling ALS, a progressive neurological disease, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Deriving from the nervous system, the affect is severe as it prevents fine and gross motor skills from performing. Tom will need full-time assistance to manage every day functions, and he needs our help in making this possible.

The Goal for Tom Cottom was Met.

Thank you all for your help and amazing support along the way. This was another successful fund raiser that helped an entire family through extremely difficult times.

We are teaming up with The Cerna Foundation and encouraging everyone to come together as a family at The Barn, collecting any donations we can contribute to support him. Any increment will go a long way. In full, contributions are placed directly to an account designated specifically for all of his expenses. We extend a big thank you to The Cerna Foundation for their generous contribution.

It has been requested, and stressed, that Tom does not know about this as he is very private.

Donations can be made directly at The Barn. Cash, check or credit card is accepted. Checks are to be made out to The Cerna Foundation. Thank you kindly.