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Brett Boyer

Cerna Homecare is providing Care Management for another tragic case involving a young person. Brett Boyer is described as “adventurous and outgoing; a kindhearted, loving and considerate son, friend and husband to wife Amanda.” On January 28, 2020, Brett was critically injured in a motorcycle accident with an SUV.

Brett suffered a severe traumatic brain injury as well as a broken neck, multiple spinal fractures, broken ribs, a collapsed lung and lacerated liver. Currently, Brett is in a minimally conscious state.

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Kyle Osborne

Cerna Homecare’s Care Management team has taken on another complex and heartbreaking case. Kyle Osborne, a 19-year-old southern California resident and college student at Washington State University (WSU) was hit, then run over by a car on November 24, 2019. The accident happened when Kyle was home for Thanksgiving break. The outpouring of support, love and kind words for Kyle are testament to the quality person he is.

Kyle’s skull was crushed resulting in hemorrhages on both sides of his brain, as well as internal and external bleeding. Kyle had emergency brain surgery. Since then, he has undergone two major surgeries to remove part of his skull. Kyle has been in a coma since the accident.

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Help For Hunter

Debbie Ovadia Cech and Doug Cech’s son Hunter, my nephew, was a healthy 5 year old boy enjoying Kindergarten and loved playing outdoor sports such as soccer, snowboarding, and riding ATV’s. In October 2019, Hunter was diagnosed with Acute Flaccid Myelitis (AFM), a rare polio-like condition that led to his sudden paralysis below the neck.

Hunter was very much looking forward to Halloween when he came down with a cold. Debbie and Doug took Hunter to the doctor and they were told that Hunter was okay and all he needed was rest. The next day, Hunter could not stand on his own and complained of pain in his arm and neck.  He was rushed to the Emergency Room.  After several tests, Hunter was officially diagnosed with AFM, a rare polio-like condition that led to sudden paralysis below his neck.  Hunter is unable to breathe or eat on his own.  Therefore, he is required to have a tracheotomy and a feeding tube.

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Helping The Homeless

As a on-going project and fundraiser the Cerna Foundation volunteers with helping the homeless in Orange County and Los Angeles.

Cerna Foundation co-founder Marc Friedman was quoted as saying
our commitment to the aging homeless population is on going. It is a heart wrenching situation with no end in sight. The geriatric population going without food, shelter or medical care is something we all should be very concerned about.

There is so much help needed.

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Tom Cottom

Firstly, we extend a thank you to all of those who have contributed towards our mission to help support Tom. Many of you kindly inquired about his status and we would like to keep you included.

Our very good friend, Tom, has been the soul of The Tobacco Barn for the last 17 years, and prior an asset of High Times for several years. Impacting and brightening the days, and lives, of everyone Tom engages with, we all have personally been blessed with his genuine friendship as there is no other like it. Most importantly, Tom cherish’s each of you, just as we do him.

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The Cerna Foundation

The Cerna Foundation was created on the principle that helping our elderly is not only charitable, but a necessity. Our Elderly have created everything we know and value in our country.

Contributions to The Cerna Foundation are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Donors of usable items such as Wheelchairs, Walkers, Vehicles, equipment, or any items that can be used by the elderly will receive a receipt for the market value of the item. The Foundation also welcomes volunteers willing to donate their time giving elders love, care, meals, socialization, outings, and more. Your time will be greatly appreciated by the elderly you are serving and TCF.

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