Cerna Helps to Raise $200k for Aptiva Care Management Recipients

Sometimes, families of Aptiva Care Management recipients want to move their ill, injured or dying loved one home. Despite the intensive, up-to-24-7, care that individual may need, families many times feel home is where the healing is – and the undeniable comfort of familiar surroundings. As one can imagine, the cost for such personalized home care and equipment is staggering for families and not wholly covered by insurance. However, Aptiva Care Management does their best to make that happen…and happen, it does.


Aptiva Care Management is a Cerna Foundation partner. Aptiva Care Management’s service is a team collaboration and process. It includes assessments, planning, facilitation, care coordination, evaluation, and advocacy for any options and/or services to meet an individual’s and/or family’s comprehensive health needs. Those needs are achieved through communication and available resources to promote wellness, quality of life and cost-effective outcomes. This allows families to focus on their loved one, while Aptiva removes the burden acting as a trusted care management partner and advocate with doctors and hospitals.


Fundraising has come into play to help offset the costs of moving a client home. To date, Aptiva has helped raised $200,000 for Care Management recipients Gisela, Kyle, and Brett. Kyle and Brett are home rehabilitating from traumatic brain injuries. Forty-three-year-old, Gisela died peacefully at the hospital after battling Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia; she never became stable enough to go home; funds raised went towards medical expenses and her young family.

Aptiva Care Management and partner Cerna Home Care Marketing speak with family members and friends to consult and brainstorm fundraising ideas in the areas of social media, email campaigns and events. Aptiva has also assisted in creating GoFund me campaigns. To raise awareness, we post about care management cases and fundraisers on Aptiva’s social media as well as write and publish news articles to the Cerna Home

Care and The Cerna Foundation websites. Aptiva’s wristband program produces thousands of complimentary custom rubber wristbands for family and friends to sell for fundraising.


Fundraising is a process that has been working in many ways …  getting care management recipients home, relieving a bit of financial and mental stress, taking back some control in what may feel like an out-of-control situation – most of all, improving quality of life.

Marc Friedman, Aptiva Care Management President and The Cerna Foundation Co-Founder, commented, “Whatever the challenge people face for their loved one, we assist in providing a solution, whether it be medical, healthcare, or financial needs.”


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