Osborne Strong. Kyle Survives Being Run Over by a Car

Cerna Homecare’s Care Management team has taken on another complex and heartbreaking case. Kyle Osborne, a 19-year-old southern California resident and college student at Washington State University (WSU) was hit, then run over by a car on November 24, 2019. The accident happened when Kyle was home for Thanksgiving break. The outpouring of support, love and kind words for Kyle are testament to the quality person he is.

Kyle’s skull was crushed resulting in hemorrhages on both sides of his brain, as well as internal and external bleeding. Kyle had emergency brain surgery. Since then, he has undergone two major surgeries to remove part of his skull. Kyle has been in a coma since the accident.

Cerna’s Care Management program is assisting Kyle and his family. A priority is getting him the therapy he needs to achieve a better baseline. Cerna’s President, Marc Friedman is acting as emotional support, patient advocate and medical advocate, while also taking the lead on case management.

Kyle’s head was run over by a car; it’s a miracle he survived. There is hope. Although, his journey is long and uncertain. The expense for surgeries, therapies, hospitalization, nursing care and more, will run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Cerna Homecare is working to raise funds through our non-profit, The Cerna Foundation. Kyle’s friends are running a successful gofundme campaign for fundraising and a meal train campaign to ensure his parents and three siblings get meals while they focus on Kyle’s recovery. Additionally, an Instagram account is documenting his progress and setbacks at @osbornestrong.

Please consider supporting this bright young man during this dark time. Stay tuned to Cerna Homecare’s blog and social media for updates.

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Doing More for Gisela Because it is Right

When UCLA Santa Monica asks for help with a complex case, you act. Cerna Homecare’s Marc Friedman went to UCLA immediately, where he was briefed on the critical case of patient Gisela Herrera.

Gisela is a wife, mom of three, head of household and has stage 4 metastatic cancer. She is 42 years old. Gisela was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia two years ago. Despite a stem cell transplant, her prognosis is the very worst imaginable. Sadly, she will continue to decline. UCLA is releasing her home for her to spend her final weeks, and the holidays, with her family.

UCLA has worked with Cerna Homecare before and Cerna’s Care Management program. UCLA knew our Care Management program could handle the complex facets of the case. However, the costs of Gisela’s home care are fully beyond the family’s means, costing $1,000 per day.

Marc said, “We’ll take this on, and we’ll help raise money to cover the Herrera’s costs.”

UCLA consulted with Marc about providing eight hours of care per day. Marc felt the best course of care was 24/7 care. Care will be provided by nurses and CNAs. Factors like Gisela’s feeding tube, CAD, pain pump, insulin, catheter, bed sores and more, are simply too much for the family to deal with on their own.

That was November 1st. As of today, November 5th, $6,000 has been raised by Cerna’s non-profit, The Cerna Foundation. Currently, the donations are at a grand total of $20,000 – raised through a Herrera family member’s crowd sourcing effort.

Marc spent the weekend making calls to get Gisela’s equipment, personnel and care coordinated. He also reached out via Cerna’s non-profit, the Cerna Foundation, with calls to action for donations, and will continue to do so.

This dire situation is made even more tragic by Gisela’s youth and that of her three children, who are all under twelve years old.

“Caring” is at the heart of Cerna Homecare. Compassion for our care recipients is not solely about providing quality care. It is being immersed in their quality of life and doing more without being asked – because it is right.

Gisela needs more. Efforts are halfway to the $40,000 fundraising goal. Please consider donating to “Gisela Herrera’s Fight” on Go Fund Me.


Walk to Defeat ALS

Cerna Home Care lent their support, time and hearts to the 2016 Irvine Walk to Defeat ALS. It is the ALS Association’s biggest annual event to raise funds for local chapters. The funds raised from the walk sustain care services and support research for much of the following year.

For Cerna Home Care, the Irvine Walk to Defeat ALS® was so much more than a few-mile trek. It was an opportunity to foster ALS awareness, raise money for a cure, and to come together for two people Cerna cares about – Raven and Tom.

Walking for Raven

Roxanne is a valued administrative team member at Cerna Home Care’s Irvine headquarters. Her sister Raven was diagnosed with ALS in 2013. Every ALS diagnosis is devastating. In Raven’s case it was more so because of her age. She was only 33 at the time. The average age of those who develop ALS is 55.

Raven lives at a skilled nursing facility. There, she does her best to keep her spirits up with a lot of help from friends and family. The disease has progressed to the point where Raven is on a ventilator; she requires total care and assistance.

Roxanne said, “Raven loves music. It helps her get through the day. When I told her Cerna was dedicating the Irvine ALS walk to her, she was proud and happy.”

Walking for Tom

Tom volunteered his time at Cerna. Every week, Tom spent time with Michael, a Cerna care recipient who suffered a traumatic brain injury 30 years ago. They would go for lunch, on walks and excursions like watching Angels’ baseball. Tom is also a very close friend of Marc Friedman, Cerna Home Care’s Senior Vice President.

About a year ago, symptoms Tom was experiencing (numbness and pain in extremities) proved to be the onset of ALS. The disease is moving rapidly. Three months ago, Tom was working full-time. One month ago, he was driving. Today, he has lost all motor function and needs assistance for most of life’s daily functions we take for granted.

The Cerna Foundation has been providing support not covered by insurance. The foundation will also be integral in moving Tom to the right residential care facility.

Of his friend Tom, Marc says, “Tom brightens the days, and lives, of everyone he engages with. All who know him personally are blessed with his genuine friendship as there is no other like it.”


l to r: Tom, Michael and Marc at an Angel’s game

Hope for a Cure

Raven and Tom are just 2 of the 30,000 Americans affected by ALS. The 2016 Irvine Walk to Defeat ALS was a poignant day for Cerna Home Care, who raised $1000. However, it was also filled with hope. Each research dollar raised, and each new day, brings hope for a cure.

What is ALS?  

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. Eventually, people with ALS lose the ability to initiate and control muscle movement, which often leads to total paralysis and death within two to five years of diagnosis. For unknown reasons, veterans are twice as likely to develop ALS as the general population. There is no cure, and only one drug approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) modestly extends survival.


7 Days to Change a Life: Please Help Dion

The Cerna Foundation (TCF) was established to help those who do not have the means to help themselves – and in some cases, loved ones or even friends to support them.

Dion’s desperate situation checks all of those boxes – and she is blind, deaf and mute since birth. She has never been taught sign language or to read braille.  Imagine a disposable life where people disregard you as if you were sub-human. Compound this by the inability to express yourself – to be able to shout, “I matter!” “I feel!” “I don’t deserve this!” This depiction is not an exaggeration. It has been Dion’s dark and silent reality for the majority of her 34 years.

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Thanks for Giving: Schwinn Scooter

The Cerna Foundation is so grateful for a recent equipment donation. A family who purchased a scooter for a loved one, who never got to use it, has generously donated it to the Cerna Foundation.
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The Cerna Foundation’s 2017 Winter Event: Stay Tuned

The Cerna Foundation will host its first major event in the next few months to commemorate the success of the foundation. In attendance will be the foundation’s founders, key supporters and members of the press.

The fun-filled night will include a welcome from Board Chair Person Nick Payzant and an overview of the Cerna Foundation’s goals and accomplishments to date given by President Marc Friedman. Guests will enjoy dinner, drinks, music, surprise special guests and a silent auction.

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